Travel to Vietnam with family

The Vietnam is a great vacation spot - for families as well as individuals. Vietnam family travel packages offer features that cater to parents and kids alike. Check out some of the things family packages often offer:
  • Beach and water sports
  • Multiple swimming pools and water slides
  • Kid-friendly activities and family programs
  • Convenient meal times
  • Pampering for grown-ups, including spas, dining, cocktail parties, etc.
  • Baby-sitting and other services
  • Vietnam visa on arrival service
  • Great family rates
This all sounds great, but it can be a little overwhelming to choose an all-inclusive Vietnam family travel resorts because there are so many. You want the best value for your dollar, but you also have features you specifically want. How do you choose?
All-Inclusive vs. All-Included
When you hear “all-inclusive”, it’s natural to assume that the package includes everything even Vietnam visa. But not so in this case. “All-inclusive” Vietnam family travel includes almost - but not quite - everything. So, you might get all meals and snacks, drinks, kids’ programs, and certain water sports and other activities but not all of them.
Here are some tips:
  • Non-motorized water sports are usually included - that’s your kayaking, wind surfing, aqua-trikes, etc. If you want motorized water sports, like jet skis or water skis, it might cost you.
  • Gear for snorkeling is often free, but there might be a limit as to how long you can use them. Joining a snorkeling boat trip on your Vietnam family travel, on the other hand, might cost extra.
  • Scuba diving is usually extra.
  • Spas are almost always extra, unless you get a special Vietnam family travel package that includes them.
  • Off-property outings are usually extra, though taking a shuttle bus to a nearby town might be free.
  • Some non-all-inclusive offer plans that include meals and/or activities.
Kids’ Club
Pretty much all all-inclusive Vietnam family travel packages offer a kids’ club. Many consist of one or two cute play rooms with toys and TV and maybe video games for kids ages 4-12. A warm and friendly staff is always there to provide them with care.
But if you want your kids to enjoy a wider variety of activities, you won’t have any problem finding all-inclusive resorts that will provide them. You’ll find different programs and activities for different ages. To start looking for these kinds of all-inclusive Vietnam family travel specials, check out Club Med in Punta Cana, Beaches resorts and Atlantis in the Bahamas.
It can be hard traveling with very young children. That’s one reason Vietnam family travel resorts are so convenient: many provide nurseries and infant care for guests traveling with their babies or toddlers. You can drop off your child for a few hours while she’s napping, or leave him for longer. Enjoy some child-free time with your spouse and know that your baby is being taken care of.
With young children like this, if you want the peace of mind of knowing on-site doctors or nurses are available should anything come up, consider the bigger Vietnam family travel resorts. Last but not least, be sure to double check with your Vietnam family travel resort to make sure that the baby-club will be up and running during the dates of your trip. You don’t want to do all this planning only to get there and find out the baby.