Sector Wide TAPs (SWTAP)


A SWTAP aims to create an environment where specialised services or common technologies are available to companies in that sector. A SWTAP could lead to the development of a new enterprise or act as a shared facility that can then be utilised by industry stakeholders to complement their normal operations.

Identifying SWTAPs will require the identification of areas where currently expertise or facilities does not exist in the country or where there are common products being imported into the country that have applications across a variety of applications.

In the identification of possible SWTAPs there is close engagements with the SOEs and other large buyers. This process results in the identification of areas that require specialised facilities or services that would assist in making local suppliers more competitive and suitable for the SOEs and other buyers.

The intervention is aimed at providing assistance to a specific or related sectors, where a service or facility is provided that can provide high-end or cutting-edge technology to allow the sector to enhance their competitiveness.

This also relates to areas where specialised and scarce skills are required. These could relate to areas where designation has been applied by the dti, as well as areas where there are common needs from the SOEs. The other area of key consideration is the roll-out of government mega projects. These projects can result in the formation of new enterprises to support industry to realize the localisation targets as stipulated by government.

Invitations to industry for SWTAPs are made through a number of interventions such as:

  • Presentations at Industry Associations
  • Meetings with Industry Association members
  • Invites via email creating awareness of the SWIs

    Casting Simulation Network: How to use this facility

Foundries should contact the relevant Casting Simulation Network (CSN) contacts (see below) who are interns trained by Ametex to initiate the simulation process. Ametex is the MAGMA GmbH partner in South Africa, which the CSN utilises as its technology partner.

The intern will then set up a meeting with the foundry to discuss the simulation procedure and to sign the necessary documents. The intern will stay the contact between the foundry and Ametex that will perform the simulation and ensure that a quality simulation is provided. Ametex will accompany the intern when the simulation is presented to the foundry.

Contact details: