Sources for writing a term paper at the Faculty of History of MBA are half the way to academic success, if, of course, they are chosen correctly. Approximately 60% of students only by the fourth year learn how to properly search for and work with sources. But until that time, this issue causes them a lot of difficulties. We will try to help such students so that they begin to understand the issues of finding the necessary sources from the very first year of the Faculty of History.

The concept of historical material

A source in history is, first of all, a document that is used to understand today's and historical reality. If a document contains historical data to a certain extent, but it is officially recognized as not involved in history, then it can no longer be considered a historical source.

All historical documents are classified according to many factors. In itself, this classification is based on the division of information into groups according to certain significant features. Also, the classification is influenced by objects of this kind, which differ from each other. Each classification has a constant value and occupies a separate place. The classification can be divided into subclasses.

If the classification is placed correctly, relative to the topic under consideration, then it will reflect a certain pattern in the development of objects, while not revealing the connection between them. It is also a kind of basis for future conclusions and forecasts.

To date, there are several approaches to the question of how it is necessary to correctly classify the sources of history.

Classifications of sources of historical documentation

The first classification of sources is the division help writing a college paper according to methods and forms of reflection of reality. In turn, this classification is also divided into subclasses based on the same methods and forms. These include:

- real methods;

- written methods;

- artistic methods;

- phonic.

This separation of sources is useful to those students whose task is to identify common methods for solving problems that arise in the process of writing a paper. For example, if a student is given a certain topic of work and he is given specific tasks in its consideration, then he can use the classification of historical references according to the analogy that we have given. Thus, he will conditionally share all the data that seems useful to him. If he develops a clear system of actions on the material, then it will subsequently be much easier for him to make his term paper competent. This skill will be useful in the future, when more serious projects are required from the historian.