Supplier Development

The concept of holistic supplier development is a critical area. The TLIU will create strategic partnerships to deliver supplier development interventions that would fall outside the borders of technology interventions.

The benchmarking function of the TLIU is a programme that will fulfil supplier development needs to all companies on the TAP programme.

The aim of supplier development is to introduce the concept of continuous improvement into the business environment. When the benchmarking exercise is completed for a company, several areas are identified, which require improvement in order to enhance the competence and competitiveness of the business. Not all of these areas will relate to technology interventions.

To realise the full effect of technology interventions, there is a need to improve the effectiveness of all related areas. The supplier development plan addresses areas that require interventions to develop the process and performance of the business.

Tools include:

  • lean manufacturing
  • process modelling and optimisation
  • six sigma
  • quality systems
  • theory of constraints
  • production systems

Supplier Development